Traditional Folk Arts Projects

Traditional Folk Arts Projects funding supports organizations, Indian tribal government entities, local governments, and universities whose programs further, showcase, and help to perpetuate the various traditional arts practiced in the State of New Mexico.

Folk Arts are the traditional functional and expressive arts passed down informally by people through word of mouth or by imitation within a specific cultural group.  Common types of cultural groups include family, community, occupational, ethnic, or religious.  Folk Arts reflect the values and world-views of the groups that make them and are a rich and valuable heritage for all New Mexicans.

Traditional Folks Arts Projects Eligibility Criteria:

 Projects Eligibility Criteria:

  • Projects eligible for funding under Traditional Folk Arts Projects include events that showcase traditional artists, such as folk festivals, cowboy poetry gatherings, or traditional art fairs; performance series that showcase folk music, poetry, storytelling, and dance; workshops, classes, or demonstrations where traditional arts are taught or demonstrated to the public; and exhibits featuring the works of folk artists.
  • Projects not eligible for funding include media projects or documentaries featuring the work of folk artists.
  • Applicants to Traditional Folks Arts Projects are limited to a maximum request of $15,000.
  • Funding requests for Traditional Folks Arts Projects must include a 50% match by the applicant, at least half of which must be cash.

Note: Only one application per institution is allowed.

New Mexico Arts also funds Folk Arts Apprenticeships.