Advance Review

An Advance Review is offered prior to the final deadline to help applicants improve their applications and to check for mistakes that might cause ineligibility.

If an applicant was declared ineligible or did not receive funding in the past year or has not applied to New Mexico Arts in the past two years, an Advance Review is required. 

In addition, New Mexico Arts Program Coordinators may require some organizations to submit an Advance Review based on past applications.

Failure to comply will disqualify those organizations from submitting a Final Application in December.

New Mexico Arts strongly encourages all applicants to take advantage of this service. To complete an Advance Review, applicants must complete and submit an online application. All Advance Review applications must be submitted online through our FoundantGLM system by 5:00 pm MST Friday, October 16, 2020. 

Please note: an Advance Review by New Mexico Arts does not guarantee funding.