2019 - Los Alamos: Aha!

New Mexico Arts, Los Alamos Main Street, Creative Los Alamos, and University of New Mexico Los Alamos campus presents T.I.M.E. 2019 – Temporary Installation Made for the Environment in Los Alamos, New Mexico. New Mexican artists from across the state were invited to create temporary environmental artworks based on the theme of Aha! T.I.M.E 2019 features six visually engaging installations from five artists displayed outside for sixty days around UNM Los Alamos campus. The artworks are on display from July 1st – August 31st 2019.

T.I.M.E. was inspired by the emerging public art trend to engage artists interested in creating more spontaneous and immediate artworks with short life-spans. The project is designed to engage unique and distinct New Mexico communities and professional artists in the public art process.

View the flyer: TIME Project Los AlamosPDF File

Featured Artists:

Kirsten Angerbauer – has created an interactive sound sculpture, Influx, comprised of chairs arranged in a circle, where viewers are invited to sit down, convene, and listen to sound installations made from field recordings of the surrounding Los Alamos mountains and audio samples from the Manhattan Project Era.

View the Transcript: Spoken Audio TranscriptPDF File

Gordon McDonough – has created ZepherVanes, a vertical mast with a dozen wind vanes, arranged to capture the flow of wind at various heights to demonstrate the energy of wind and our perception of this natural element in a three-dimensional sculpture.

Betsie Miller-Kusz – captures energy spinning into matter and darkness in her sculptural work entitled Origins that speaks to our origins in the universe.

Ben Utigard – has created an installation of painted mirrors that reflect circles onto walls cast in shadow titled Circular Windows. The reflections change throughout the day with the position of the sun creating new viewing experiences that question barriers, the visible and invisible, creating presence in absence. 

Joshua Willis – has created a textile artwork embedded with seeds to address erosion through an artwork that will transform from a textile into a living sculpture as seeds establish to create a unique aesthetic experience, entitled Warp, Weft, Root, Stalk.