Arts Trails

The Arts Trails Program provides visibility and brings the market to artists and artisans statewide, so they can retain more from sales of their work and continue to stay home and be productive as artists. The trails are a way to market the outstanding quality, vibrancy, and diversity of the arts in New Mexico to the rest of the world, bringing recognition and beneficial economic development to rural areas rich in artistic traditions and expressions.

The Arts Trails Program is an art and economic development initiative designed to put New Mexico artists on the map and bring the market to artisans and enterprises statewide. Some of the goals of the program are listed here.

  • Promote arts-based tourism--NM Arts Trails Ad, NM Arts Trails Rack CardPDF File
  • Stimulate year-round local economic activity in communities throughout New Mexico, especially in rural areas
  • Increase cultural tourists' awareness of the arts
  • Increase New Mexicans' awareness of their impact on the income of rural artists and their respective communities or regions.
  • Respond to artists' stated needs to continue working in their studios and to earning their livelihoods in their current locales.

  • Community-based Arts Trail Development
  • New Mexico Fiber Arts Trail