Sara Cummings

By utilizing the prevalence of wind to create sound, Soundscape illustrated Edgewood's acoustic environment. Soundscape gave the audience pause in how we can better listen to the persistence of our natural environment. As wind drew through reed like tubes, the physical structure referenced both a vessel and conceptually the act of breathing. The structure was equally divided, each half a conical inverse of the other, and the volumes were entered from either side. One half tapered towards the sky upward and inward, and referenced a man-made traditional vernacular architecture alluding to shelter, protection and dwelling. The other half organically splayed outward in an abstracted characterization of desert flora and musical pipe organs. Each half represents the dichotomies of a natural and cultural environment; inside vs. outside; organic vs. man-made; harmony vs. discord; wild vs. tame. Photos provided by Sara Cummings.