Local Arts Councils and Service Organizations

Note: All Local Arts Councils and Service Organizations Must Apply in the This Category.

This category supports local arts councils that are incorporated tax-exempt organizations or agencies of government or Indian tribal entities and tax-exempt service organizations that provide services to artists, arts organizations, or in the field of arts education.

New Mexico Arts defines a local arts council as “a community organization or an agency of local government that supports cultural organizations, provides services to artists and arts organizations, and/or presents arts programming to the public.”   A service organization is defined as “an organization with a membership or constituency that spans a city, region or the state; that offers services to artists, arts organizations, or in the field of arts education; that promotes the arts through advocacy efforts; and/or provides arts information services to the public.”  Organizations with a membership or constituency that provide presenting activities or are not primarily service organizations should apply in another category.  Local arts councils and service organizations provide one or more of the following services/activities:

  • Advocacy (general arts advocacy, arts education advocacy, etc.)
  • Information Services to the Public (arts calendar, publications, artists/organizations directory,

cultural resource library, newsletter, website, etc.)

  • Services to Artists (seminars/workshops, artists’ registry or listings, health insurance, etc.)
  • Services to Arts Organizations (seminars/workshops, publicity/promotion/marketing, insurance, shared computers and office equipment, etc.)
  • Grant Making (provide financial support to arts organizations, artists, arts educators, etc.)

Local Arts Councils may also offer one or more of the following activities:

  • Presenting (exhibitions, performances, festivals, literature/poetry readings, film/video screenings, lectures, art classes, etc.)
  • Arts Education Activities (artists in the schools, after school programs, summer arts camp, advocacy for arts education, designing arts education curricula, adult education, etc.)
  • Cultural Planning, Community Development, Cultural Tourism (assessing the cultural needs of the community and mapping a plan of implementation, help local leaders better understand the impact of the arts on the community, work to increase the tourism industry in the community, etc.)
  • Public Art (public art/percent for art programs, lectures, etc.)
  • Facility Operation (gallery/exhibition space, performance space, etc.)

Local Arts Councils and Service Organizations Eligibility Criteria:

  • LACs and SOs must have been operating at least six (6) months prior to the application deadline.
  • LACs and SOs may use New Mexico Arts funds for arts projects and services, salary support, and/or general operating support.
  • Applicants to the LAC and SO Category are limited to a maximum request of $20,000.
  • Funding for LACs and SOs must include a 50% match by the applicant organization, at least half of which must be cash.
  • LACs and SOs may not use a Fiscal Agent and must have nonprofit status by the time contracts are issued in June 2014.

Note: Only one application per institution is allowed.